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Big News!


The PENCIL CALLIGRAPHY JOURNEY is officially launched!

This is an online course that will focus primarily on writing calligraphy with a pencil, so all you need is: a pencil (obviously), a piece of paper and that's it!

Along my calligraphy journey, many have told me about how hard (they think) it is to start writing calligraphy. How do I hold a dip pen? Why does the ink bleed so much on my paper? Why isn't my brush pen working magic like those videos I saw on Instagram? These are the frustrations we always face as a beginner, and they are also some of the major obstacles that prevent us from sticking to this passion - there is simply too much trouble!

If you feel the same, Pencil Calligraphy Journey will be the perfect option for you.

7 steps


"In this pencil calligraphy online course, Samantha is teaching the basis theory of calligraphy. She is also making very detailed analysis on every letters with her clear and sweet voice. And what you need is just a pencil and pieces of paper to start with. So I would say this is a perfect course for a beginner like me. :) " -Phyllis, Hong Kong

"What a great calligraphy course! With her expertise and her knowledge Samantha knows how to teach and how to structure the lessons well - and everything in a really pleasant and likeable manner! I haven't had any experience with calligraphy before, but enjoyed these lessons a lot!" - Jette, Germany

No more hassle from finding the right tools and learning how to use them. You can start writing beautiful words TODAY with the simplest tools you've been using since you were a kid.


Get your pencil ready and let's embark on this journey together!




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