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Samantha Cheung

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Samantha Cheung is a calligrapher, hand lettering artist and muralist.


As a self-taught artist, she started off with traditional western calligraphy and began her brand Wood n Ink in 2016, creating pen and ink work. She later took a twist on her career and began to write & draw on much larger surfaces like chalkboards and walls.


Her style is versatile, but mainly focuses on vintage-looking, detailed and intricate line work, combining the beauty of calligraphy with pen-and-ink drawing. Her clients include lululemon, Pandora, Lancôme, Jo Malone, and various schools & cafes across HK. 

Samantha also loves sharing her passion in calligraphy, and have been hosting both private and corporate workshops to teach calligraphy. 

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